KRK Blames Emraan Hashmi for His Flop Career; Twitter Reacts

Controversial actor and film critic Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK, is in the news once again. This time, he has blamed actor Emraan Hashmi for his “super flop” career. The comments have sparked a social media debate, with Twitter users divided over KRK’s allegations. In this article, we will take a closer look at the controversy, its background, and Twitter’s response.

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KRK has a history of making controversial comments and engaging in social media spats. He has been involved in public spats with several Bollywood actors, including Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn, and Karan Johar. His latest target is Emraan Hashmi, whom he blames for his “super flop” career. KRK has claimed that Emraan Hashmi was responsible for sabotaging his career in Bollywood.

KRK’s Allegations

In a tweet, KRK wrote, “I am revealing for the first time that Emraan Hashmi is responsible for my super flop career. He has always been jealous of me, and he has made sure that I never get good roles in Bollywood.” KRK also claimed that Emraan Hashmi had once threatened him and asked him to leave the film industry.

Twitter Reacts

Twitter users were quick to respond to KRK’s allegations, with many calling his comments baseless and absurd. Some users even mocked KRK for blaming Emraan Hashmi for his career failures. Others criticized KRK for his past behavior and said that he was the only one responsible for his flop career. However, a small section of Twitter users supported KRK’s claims and asked Emraan Hashmi to respond to the allegations.


KRK’s allegations against Emraan Hashmi have once again highlighted his controversial nature and his penchant for stirring up controversy. While Twitter users are divided over his claims, it is important to remember that KRK has a history of making sensational and often baseless comments. It remains to be seen if Emraan Hashmi will respond to these allegations or choose to ignore them. In any case, this controversy is likely to keep KRK in the news for some time to come.

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